Module 2 by Kristine Holloway

2 thoughts on “Module 2 by Kristine Holloway”

  1. Hi, Kristine: I really liked the way you identified the type of students you are dealing with and mentioned specific tasks for specific courses for specific students. It helps me to know what has already been tried and worked for various audiences. The use of an avatar is another fun element. I was reminded about fun when I substituted for a middle school this week and found the face-to-face classes boring for the students – a 50-minute class can seem like an eternity if no student-to-student interaction is available, or interactive instruction like we have been learning about. Are your courses partially in a computer lab format or do you use a lecture room as well? I prefer to use both, although at some schools that is not possible. Since I teach community college, all of us have the ability to use both. I find it distracting to use a computer lab classroom if we are not using the equipment.

    1. Thanks Margaret,

      I know what you mean about the length of time making it difficult to keep the interest of the students. We do use the equipment in the computer lab so I typically do teach classes in the lab. If I am doing a one-shot, when I am working with another instructor’s class, I sometimes do it in the classroom or get the students started in the classroom and then we move into the lab. Otherwise, the computers can be distracting for them.

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