ETEC 674 – Introduction

4 thoughts on “ETEC 674 – Introduction”

  1. Hi Kristine,

    I thought that was you. It is good to “see” you online in this class also, even in this different format (blog).

    When I scrolled down through your work, I saw many modules posted, but then I noticed they were from 2013. I guess you started your blog much before this class and used it for another one previously. Until I saw the dates of each module post, I thought you had been working very much ahead of the posted schedule for ETEC674. I was starting to worry that I was lagging far behind, and I just started this course. Whew!

    I want to start working ahead, while I am only teaching at one college. On Feb. 17, I will teaching at two again, with heaps of work to keep me busy. So, if I can, I will get a jump on future assignments until then.

    Best wishes,

  2. Welcome to class! I have a confession. I prefer to teach face-to-face! Teaching online is as much (or more) work and the rewards as an instructor, in terms of satisfaction with the job, are for me reduced! But, there is a need for online classes and that is the reason for this class and the elearning certificate.

  3. Hi Kristine, Great to have another community college faculty in the class. I do think community college instructors have to be especially mindful of instructional design that incorporates student success skills and helps keeps online students on task. I’m curious, does your college offer a library research courses either f2f or online?

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