ETEC 674 – Session Two – LMS Comparison

7 thoughts on “ETEC 674 – Session Two – LMS Comparison”

  1. Hi Kristine,
    Good coverage of the questions.

    I am still getting used to this blogging thing. I noticed that you have a long list of blogs, going back to 2013, or so, with the most recent at the top, and older ones following. How did you do that–create a new blog each time? Each one has a date and a topic, so it looks like each one is new.

    Thanks, in advance, for the reply,

    1. Hi Glen,

      Thanks for your comment. I use WordPress and each blog is essentially just a post to the beginning blog that is somewhere at the end of all of the blogs. I have been doing one for each class, but I thought Dr. Newberry made a good point when he said that just having one blog could be a record of everything we have done.


  2. Hi Kristine,
    I found the Collaborate tool in Blackboard useful, but I’ve only used it in one course. I wonder how often instructors use it. As I was doing my research I remember reading that there are many add-ons available for Moodle, but that they can get expensive.

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