ETEC 674 – Session Three – Media Theory

7 thoughts on “ETEC 674 – Session Three – Media Theory”

  1. You mentioned Instagram;I’m curious if you have used it in your own teaching or had other online classes that used it? If so, did you find that students communicated more often because of the social media factor?

  2. I haven’t used it yet, but I am doing the planning for a class now where it is part of an assignment. I think it will go well. I am hoping that it will appeal to students who are more comfortable with visuals than with text.

  3. I like the table you created to rate the technologies. Was it easy to insert a table into your blog? My template doesn’t seem to have that option. Good job! — Lorraine

  4. Good job! In thinking about your topic for the trends/issue annotated bibliography you might want to explore techniques/methods for presenting instruction, both in the topic of information literacy and beyond so you can perhaps get some ideas that you can use. You might find things like chunking, effective presentations etc. useful.

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