Session 5: Authoring/Media Development/Presentation

7 thoughts on “Session 5: Authoring/Media Development/Presentation”

  1. Hi Kristine,

    Do you have an actual PPT for us to see? You have done some really good research on your topic. I agree with you that some slides are to wordy. I heard a presenter say, about 15 years ago, “If i put everything I am going to say in my PowerPoint, then what am I doing up here, since you can read what I am saying,” He then went on to say only use key word as a prompt on your slides. that way the audience will pay more attention to you and not spend time reading the PPT.

    I really liked your comment about using Audacity and having to find a quiet place to use it. I think you are absolutely right there. You need to be able to concentrate and not be distracted. You also do not want outside noises being picked up while you are recording.

    I know Camtasia but is Camtasia Relay a different version of that program?

    Good Job Kristine!

    1. Hi Nita,

      Yes, I have a PPT. I had some problems embedding it. I am going to try again this evening. I use relay because that is what I have available for my school. It is simpler for the designer than Studio. The processing happens on the server instead of the computer. The format and location where presentations are saved is preset. It is less work for me. I think I lose something in terms of proprietorship, but the information changes so quickly in my area anyway, it almost doesn’t matter.


      1. Hi Kristine,

        Thanks for the clarification on relay, that helps a lot. You have had company with this lesson on technical problems. Good luck on trying to publish your PPT.


  2. PowerPoint is both good and bad. It isn’t always the best choice, but it tends to be a known technology that most people can use. A text only presentation like this can be a little dry for some situations, but this is often a starting point to developing a richer media version of a presentation.

  3. Hi Kristine,

    Just watched the ppt, the page about the bad search and good search, I got an opinion for you. The resolution of the pictures might need to be improved. It is fuzzy.

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