Session Seven ~ Planning for the Final Project

3 thoughts on “Session Seven ~ Planning for the Final Project”

  1. Hi Kristine,

    So many of us are choosing Option 2, for our final project. It is interesting to see that we all seem to have a class that we can apply it to, or are adapting for an upcoming teaching assignment. When I saw your layout, I really found it easy to read and follow. I liked how you blocked out your plan and technologies for a given session. You are fortunate to have a colleague who is willing to support you, and share knowledge and resources.

    The topic sounds like it will be fun for you, and the students as well as educational. What a great opportunity to be involved with literature review.


    1. Hi Nita,

      Yes. I think option two makes the most sense for the bulk of the class. I am glad that you thought my presentation was clear. Yes. I am very lucky that I have colleagues who are supportive. Thanks for your comments.


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