Session Ten – Final Project

7 thoughts on “Session Ten – Final Project”

  1. Hi Kristine,

    What a well organized Final Project. The numerous videos scattered throughout, sure help to illustrate your points. The layout design in the grid pattern, as Dr. Newberry suggested, makes it easy to glance through, and pick up the important information quickly. A job well executed! It has been a pleasure being in this class with you this quarter. Thanks again for all your support and suggestions on my behalf as well.


  2. Hi Kristine,
    You did an awesome job of collecting and presenting diverse videos that carry your message home. And, if someone wants to present a paper at a conference, they clearly need to know these things, including what the literature has to say about their subject area. I watched some of the videos and found them both entertaining and informative. Have you taught such a class before? Do you have plans to actually teach this course in the future? Did you already know of these videos, or did you find them just for this project?
    In any case–Nicely done! It has been a pleasure to view your postings this term. I hope you have a great break from studies before the next term. I know I will.
    Thank you, and best wishes,

  3. Hi Glen, I am planning to use many of these resources for an actual class. I may edit it down a bit as I think I may have included too many elements. I will probably run it by one or two students before the class starts. Information literacy isn’t the most popular topic at the best of times. I don’t want students to feel overwhelmed. I appreciate your comments and have enjoyed reading your blogs this quarter. I hope you have a great break between quarters. It sounds like you will 🙂 Take care. Kristine.

  4. Hi Kristine,
    I think it is an awesome goal for your students to present their papers at conferences! I love that my elementary students have so many options for publishing their work these days. Great job!

  5. Great topic and nice presentation for a course. I hope you get to use this and you can tell me what worked and what you found you needed to add or remove from the course.

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