ETEC 674 – Session Three – Media Theory

Session 3 Focus Tasks 1. Explain Media Richness in your own words. Media Richness Theory is the theory that the media used in communicating information can be measured on a scale of richness. A media rich environment is one in which multiple cues, verbal and non-verbal, are delivered simultaneously. A less rich media for giving information would be email. Because email … Continue reading ETEC 674 – Session Three – Media Theory

ETEC 674 – Session Two – LMS Comparison

Hello! Focus Questions 1. Central to our investigation of eLearning Technologies and Methods is gaining an understanding of Learning Management Systems (LMS) sometimes also called Course Management System (CMS) software. Chapter 1 of our text discusses the functionality of typical LMS/CMS, identifying four major categories. What are those categories? Those categories include how information about … Continue reading ETEC 674 – Session Two – LMS Comparison

ETEC 674 – Introduction

Hello! My name is Kristine Holloway. I am a librarian with California State University, Bakersfield and have oversight over distance services. As was noted in our reading, the line between distance students using online resources and traditional students preferring an online learning environment has become very blurred. That has been a challenge for me as … Continue reading ETEC 674 – Introduction